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With AnnoMiner you can annotate your genomic regions (resulting from ChIP-seq, ATAC-seq, DNase-seq etc.) in multiple ways:

  • Peak annotation
  • Nearby genes annotation
  • Long range interactions

You can also integrate multiple (up to 5) peaks data (such as ChIP-seq with ATAC-seq) through the function:

  • Peak integration

The results of each annotation analysis can also be integrated with any user provided data such as differential expression analysis results. This allows you to visualize, easily and at once, the association among genomic/epigenomic features and gene expression!


With AnnoMiner you can also make use of the transcription factor's ChIP-seq data, available from ENCODE and modERN, to perform enrichment analysis and predict potential regulators of your genes list, through the function:

  • TF - Enrichment analysis

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